Made to Order

At Tallsem we give you the possibility of customizing any shoe in our collection. Our footwear artisans make pair by pair, taking care of every detail until they become a reality.

Steps to create your personalized shoes:

1. Choose the shoe model you like the most and add it to your shopping cart.

2. In this MADE TO ORDER section you will find two types of packs to edit your shoe, choose the one you prefer and add it to your purchase.

3. Finish the order and contact us so we can make the modifications and have your own shoes.

Once we have everything, we will send it to the factory where our artisans will make it a reality in a maximum of 10 days. Our MTO products cannot be returned since they are designed and created to meet the needs of the consumer.

How do we do it?

Choose your shoes

Enter our collection and choose the shoe you want to customize. Choose the MTO pack you want and add it to your shopping cart.

We manufacture them to your liking

From there, get in touch at or by phone: 967 318118. The magic begins! Our artisans will create your shoes.

Release them in 10 days

Our commitment is that once everything is received, in a maximum of 10 days, they will be in your home and available to enjoy. This product cannot be returned.